PVC (Gelflex)

Gelflex are cost effective again fusible PVC products are often used where ever the power of a silicone elastomer is not to predict the behavior. The application does not require a hardener.

Gelflex is available in two standard classes soft (nature) and Hart (blue) available.

Gelflex does not contain dangerous phthalates, has only a faint odor and melts at 150-165 ^ ° C.

Main features of Gelflex:
    - Reusable (simply melt the form again and again use)
   - Economic (heat-stable formula, it can be repeatedly melted)
   - Good tear strength (good for deep undercuts)
   - Durability (increased capacity improved mold life)
   - Shrinkage (during prolonged storage reserves in the form of their stablety)
   - Separation (excellent separation properties on most materials)

Main applications:
   - Gypsum Moulding
   - Cement Foundry
   - Wax model
   - Collagen
   - Pate de Verre Glasabgussbau
   - Forms without undercut
   - Thermosetting vacuum casting

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